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Traditional Medicine Man || Cacao Kuchina

My name is Matthew Gabriel (MG). I am an initiated medicine man (Sangoma and Cacao Kuchina), working with cellular nutrition; a medicinal gateway to embodied Bliss.

I have been working with sacramental medicines since my trainings in 2017 - am a way finder of Truth, guided by the alchemy of human biology, plant nutrition, and computer technology.

My latest ceremonies are held as online and in person Nutritional Immersions. Nutritional Immersions include learning about Cacao as a superfood and soulfood to build your personal energy, vitality, and power. “ixCacao is a Hand Maiden Plant Spirit who will support your journey into the body.” With just the right amount, cacao enhances the effects of every nutrient that nourish, cleanse, and revitalises the body. Each nutritional immersion supports the intention of living a healthy, rhythmic lifestyle that assists in deepening your relationship with the body.

ixCacao Journeys

Nutritional Immersions with cacao as a superfood and soulfood. Deepening your relationship with the body.
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Traditional Medicine

As a graduated Thokoza Sangoma, I do private consulting for those looking for assistance in personal health, spiritual or physical. I then prescribe a personal medicine, formulated to support the healing process. For consultations or enquiries contact here.

Raw Cacao

Cacao is the food of the Gods. A SUPERfood, a SOULfood. Matthew Gabriel's beginning awakening was with the help of Cacao. To order cacao or enquiry prices contact here.

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What Journeyers Say Testimonial

Truly blessed and profound teachings received from this cleanse and detox process forever grateful and once again humbled by Ixcacao and her grace. Thokoza gogo Nabomkhulu for holding such a sacred container for all of us to journey within.

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Cleanse Journeyer


My heart and body is in so much gratitude for this meditation. It was incredibly powerful that I released water from my eyes 👀.Thank you for your gift Matthew. I am in awe and inspired... So awe-inspired

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Expanding Vitality Journeyer


Matthew’s offering are profound, touching so many levels of the human experience. He is extremely knowledgeable about all things nutrition and plant based, but more than that he weaves the spiritual through all of it. At all times I felt held in a powerful field of healing, being able to bring all of me to the space to be witnessed. Best of all I always feel incredible by the end of it, whether cleansing the body or raising my vibration, I am fundamentally changed by these experiences. I feel deeply nourished on a soul level after journeying with this remarkable man. When’s the next one!?!

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Chi Activation Journeyer


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