Ceremonial cacao is way more than just chocolate. Just like there are multiple layers of our true essence, so are there layers to plants too! On one aspect its chemical makeup determines if it is a food or not. It also determines how it affects our bodies after ingestion, what medicinal properties it may have, etc. On the other hand there is the essence of the plant. This is its energetic make up. A kirlian scan can show the energy of a plant

Here we see a completely different side of plants (and ourselves) that we wouldn’t otherwise perceive with our naked eye. How we can perceive this energy is through our feelings. When we become good at this way of “seeing” the world, we begin to notice there is a certain presence to each plant. There are special plants known by man for thousands of years that have a distinct presence than other plants. These plants are known as “plant teachers”. The essence, or spirit, of the plant is experienced through the energy it gives off. The spirit has a certain intelligence, a consciousness that we can interact with within our own psyche. Just like how we are able to connect with certain people, so can we connect with plants through their spirit, albeit a slightly different connection from a human to human connection.

So what does that mean? Well, from the chemical components of the plant we can tell the benefits it has for our physical body. If we connect and understand the spirit of a plant, we can understand how it can benefit our own spirit and soul. Hence, why cacao is a SUPERfood and a SOULfood. It nourishes the mind, body and spirit. A sangoma and cacao kuchina is someone who has trained to deeply connect with specific plants to fully understand their healing capabilities on all levels. Through this knowledge we can work in harmony with the spirit of the plant to open up, waken up or heal our own spirit. This assists to bring great BALANCE to our lives – emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically.

Enter the Lovely ixCacao

ixCacao is the name of the essence of the plant known as cacao. ixCacao is a Goddess of unconditional Love and Grace. Creating cacao with a deep relationship of this spirit causes a special activation (a key ingredient is consciousness), a catalyst that activates the dormant potential of the plant to assist us to live our best lives ever. When our souls are nourished with positive Love, Joy and Happiness given by the spirit of cacao, ixCacao, then we slowly begin to REMEMBER who we truly are as human beings. We remember the innocence of life, the joys of life that are always around us. We are once again experience the universal Love that keeps the world going. When we have ceremonial cacao, ixCacao’s presence is felt. A warm, comfortable sensation fills the body. Our hearts become soft and feel wide open. Our cheek bones lift from the overwhelming joy that nourishes us. In this state of being, we can deal with just about anything. We can look at what is troubling us. We can take a deep dive into what are our fears or doubts that are holding us back. What emotions are we holding inside that are causing repetitive outcomes that we do not desire in our lives? All of these hard to deal with, not so nice feelings can now be expressed through us. We begin to gaze upon them with eyes filled with unconditional Love and Joy. We can literally see them dissolve right before our eyes. Years of trauma held as pain within the body begin to disappear in one given moment. THIS is the power and gift of ceremonial cacao.

Ceremonial cacao is way more than a food. Ceremonial cacao becomes an incredible tool of Grace, used to change our lives for the better by allowing us to express built up emotions. Once we have released these blockages, there is a space within us where our TRUE ESSENCE can grow. the bigger our spirit and more open our hearts are, the more we can listen to what we truly desire and need in life. This creates a life of purpose. A life where we REMEMBER who we are…