Chi Activation

Chi Activation


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The Intention:

Chi activation is a journey into the body through daily practice and nutrition.

This journey intends for you to experience the sensations and healing of daily spiritual practices coupled with medicinal foods.

Each day we will do a sun breathing practice in the sun and add in certain foods and nutrients to enhance sunlight absorption.

There are no dietary restrictions to this journey.

Why Journey?

“The greater our store of light energy, the greater the power of our overall electromagnetic field, and consequently the more energy available for healing and the maintenance of optimal health.”

Light, Chi, Prana. These are all terms for the same life force energy that flows and vibrates through our bodies. It is one of the purest forms of energy. The more attuned you are to its presence, the more guidance, protection, power, and energy you can create for yourself..

This Light flows through our Nervous System. Using nutrition, we can enhance this Light (Chi) flow coming from the Sun…

Effectively increasing our overall Chi!