Expanding Vitality

Expanding Vitality


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A journey into the body through daily practice and nutrition supported by Cacao.

How can we nourish the body to strengthen the nervous system (NS) to the point that stress and daily wear and tear have little to no effect on our experience of life?

This is true health.

In the safe space of your own home, we will all engage with superfoods, herbs, medicinal plants, and daily practice.

Vitality is the capacity to live, grow, or develop.

Over 5 days, this routine will nourish your body, increasing your vitality. This journey is a transmission into developing nutritional tools to support your growth on the path of Embodiment. There will be a 2 week integration period where you can continue with the protocol to further witness the benefits of Nourishment. In these 2 weeks, I will stay in support with the group for reflections and questions.