Health, longevity & holistic living strategies are a KEY component for remembering our full potential as human beings. Are you reaching for success, learning to become a better person, in the process of achieving unreachable expectations, or even consciously maintaining a positive outlook on life? All of these become a natural way of living when we have a healthy mind, body and spirit functioning on ALL cylinders.


Nutrition is the bedrock upon which our BEST life can be built upon. in life, there are constant set of challenges that come to test us. The stronger we become and the more we reach for the true treasures of life, the bigger the challenges. The path we choose can become a treacherous and difficult road without a proper foundation. As it says in the Bible: “Anyone who listens to my teaching and follows it is wise, like a person who builds a house on solid rock. Though the rain comes in torrents and the floodwaters rise and the winds beat against that house, it won’t collapse because it is built on bedrock.”

Our bodies are the carriers of our spirit. It is the vehicle that allows us to experience life as it is. To take care of our bodies means putting in the RIGHT nutrition that will enhance, build and grow our bodies into super machines. Aging is just a symptom of less optimal life choices that we chose in our youth. With the modern age of science and spirituality, we can turn it around by learning the proper way to feed our bodies AND our souls


Emotions are defined as energy in motion. Taking this concept, we can see how normal day living may not support the natural flow of our emotions. It is commonly found that negative emotions are bottled up, or pushed away by us. Never to be fully expressed (moved). As a result we experience energetic blockages. This could result in many different ways in our lives; we may feel low on energy, depressed, anxious or even angry. We may also experience symptoms in the physical body such as illness or pain. In order to build back our vitality and regain our energy, it is important to identify and slowly open up these blockages to allow the emotions to be released.

A powerful strategy given to us by the great Taoists of ancient China can provide us with the tools to build our vitality. The practices allow our emotions to be expressed and alchemically transformed into positive virtuous emotions that will lead to a more balanced life. When done on a regular basis, you begin to REMEMBER who you truly are because you are more connected with the source of creation


Our minds are the most powerful gifts given to us. What we constantly think about, creates our reality. That being said, if we are constantly thinking negative thoughts, the result of our lives may not be what we actually desire. It is not entirely our fault! In these technological age, our minds have been completely hijacked, programmed to think in ways that do not support a life of REMEMBRANCE. If it’s not negative thought patterns that are causing problems, then it is a monkey mind that is full of thoughts, jumping from one thought to another. In our heads, this causes chaos, confusion, depression, anxiety.

The best way to effectively reprogram the mind to think positive thoughts, we should train the mind to become quiet. The key word is TRAIN. Just like how our muscles needs constantly challenges and force to grow, so does the mind require a practice that will create the desired outcome. That being, YOU being fully in control of the thoughts that create your life. Meditation, prayer, devotional songs and contemplations are ways to calm the mind. In our daily life, a calm mind is our greatest asset to create our best lives. Through proper thinking filled with intent and greater clarity, we can achieve our wildest dreams.. Guaranteed!


We are born with the soul purpose to shine our uniqueness into the world by living the life we came here to live. As a child we are an innocent spiritual being. It becomes our duty to grow up, learn and ultimately REMEMBER that we have a Divine Spark within us. Living in todays world, there are many forces against us. Many distractions that can lead us of the path of REMEMBRANCE and keep us from realising that we are spiritual beings. In order to stay on the path and stay connected to that Divine Spark within us, we must be in complete alignment. Our souls can fully be expressed into this world when all our other faculties above are taken care of.

Synchronicities and the miracles of life start to manifest in our lives. The universe works in mysterious, yet wonderful ways to support our growth when we say YES to REMEMBERING who we truly are. When we say yes, it means we are committed to living out our true purpose whatever it takes. There are inevitably challenging times along this path, but with a strong connection to who we are is a sure way to pass the many tests of life and come out on the other side as a victor. Victory is achieved when we feel the sense of happiness, fulfilment and the ever present bliss of life. THIS is the ultimate goal of life.